SR 1011-470, Pond Eddy Bridge over the Delaware River Update- Steel erection is continuing with the two bottom chords, the floor system (floor beams and stringers), and about 3 panel points of the truss at the pier (top chord, verticals, diagonals, bracing, etc.) installed and bolted up on the NY side.

SR 0403-10B, Moxham Stonycreek Bridge Replacement, Johnstown, PA (PennDOT, District 9-0) - progress photo showing the first half of the pier built and finishing up forming the abutments. Steel erection should occur within a few weeks.

Here's to all of our licensed professional engineers and all that they do to better our lives and our communities every day!

Freedom Road Upgrade, SR 2004 Section B08 Construction is moving forward with a progress photo near the intersection of Park Quarry Road for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 11-0.



Their proposed team of Brian Schull, P.E., as the project manager and Norm Arlet, as the construction inspector, are in my opinion, the "A" team.  I have had the good fortune to work with the team of Brian and Norm on numerous projects at the LTV South Side Works site, as well as a project at the Liberty Park site in East Liberty.  They are the best combination of construction project manager and field inspector with whom I have worked, on projects involving roadway and utility construction, during my 30 years at the URA.

Martin Kaminski, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
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