Drivers may not have to encounter mayfly mayhem on the Route 462 Veterans Memorial Bridge between Columbia and Wrightsville this year.

Lights were turned off on the bridge Tuesday night in an effort to avoid ending up with clouds of mayflies and piles of their dead carcasses on the bridge.

Lower gas prices have been a relief to Louisianans, but some officials see our savings as a chance to fill the government’s tank with more of our tax dollars.

Gov. John Bel Edwards is one of them. He took office six months ago and already has pushed through over $1 billion in taxes. Now he wants to increase the state’s gasoline tax.

But another gas tax won’t solve our state’s budget problems.

Florida’s Department of Transportation is mulling over the possible release of proposed plans for a new Pensacola Bay Bridge ahead of schedule

For now, the release of the five competing plans for the $460 million project is set for July 18 at FDOT’s Chipley office. Scoring of the plans is set for announcement July 7 in Milton. Neither date is sitting well with Gulf Breeze Mayor Matt Dannheisser, who says they reflect a lack of public input.

Love it or hate it, this much is certain: Tampa Bay Express will radically change a regional system connecting about 3.8 million people.

Here's a heads-up about when it's coming, where it's going, and how much it's going to cost.

What exactly is it?

Tampa Bay Express, otherwise known as TBX, is a $6 billion interstate expansion that has three main features, according to the Florida Department of Transportation's 172-page draft of the project.



Thanks for everything SAI has done to advance the Mon Wharf project.  Ray Henney has been great to work with!


Jay Sukerneck, Acting Director and CFO, Riverlife
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