Nearly 40 million Americans will kick off one of the busiest travel seasons in history this Memorial Day weekend, jarred by potholes on America’s roads, crossing her aging bridges, riding her antiquated railways and taking off from airports that draw international scorn.

Long a source of national pride, America’s infrastructure is in critical need of repair, but federal government spending on the issue has gone down 9% in the past decade. As former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood says, “We’re like a third-world country when it comes to infrastructure.”

McCONNELLSBURG - Preparations are underway for replacing eight Fulton County bridges under Pennsylvania’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.

The Great Cove Road (U.S. 522) bridge over Big Cove Creek is scheduled to undergo construction starting in mid-June. Traffic will be restricted to a single lane controlled with temporary traffic signals. Construction will take about five months to complete. A more detailed construction schedule will be released closer to start of construction. The bridge averages 2,507 vehicles a day.

Associations representing state departments of transportation, legislatures and the nation's governors worked this month to head off a Senate appropriations provision that could potentially take away billions of dollars in already-authorized highway funds.

Donald Trump sounds like a Democrat when he says making America great again will require a huge federal investment in the nation’s infrastructure.



Consultant worked efficiently and effectively to complete this complicated design in a very short time frame without sacrificing quality.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 10-0
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