DeLAND, Fla. - The Florida Department of Transportation Tuesday rolled out their roundabout education campaign in front of local Volusia County government officials at their River to Sea Transportation Organization meeting.

The proposed roundabout at SR 44 and Grand Avenue would be the first of its kind in Volusia County. Plans that became a priority after a grandmother and her three granddaughter died in a crash at the intersection.

Governor Tom Wolf announced Monday that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will distribute nearly $5.5 million in Automated Red Light Enforcement funding to 18 municipalities statewide to fund 23 safety projects, including several in Montgomery and Chester County.

“While having all drivers traveling safely is our ultimate goal, I’m pleased that traffic fines are being reinvested into making our communities safer,” Governor Wolf said in a statement. “This program brings safer travel to every corner of the state.”

It’s the problem that no one has been able to solve.  For years, there has been widespread agreement in Washington that the nation is facing an infrastructure crisis, with dangerously congested roads and deficient bridges threatening public safety and trade. 

Time and time again, lawmakers in both parties have expressed agreement that something should be done.
Yet congressional attempts to revitalize the country’s transportation infrastructure — which now ranks 11th in the world after slipping from no. 1, according to the World Economic Forum — have gone nowhere. 

America is falling apart. And the repair bill is getting bigger.

That's the conclusion of the latest "report card" on American roads, bridges, airports, power grid and other critical infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Over the next decade, it would cost more than $3.3 trillion to keep up with repairs and replacements, but based on current funding levels, the nation will come up more than $1.4 trillion short, the group says. When projected to 2040, the shortfall is expected to top $5 trillion, unless new funds are allocated.



The dedication and hard work of the inspection staff helped to achieve a quality project.  In particular, the dependable leadership and construction expertise provided by Sam Hill (TCIS) was invaluable to the success of the project.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11-0
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