Poor roads cost the average Charleston driver $1,357 a year in additional expenses, according to the latest TRIP report on West Virginia roads.Statewide, deficient roads cost West Virginia drivers $1.4 billion a year for additional vehicle repair and maintenance costs, crashes where road deficiencies are a contributing factor, and lost time and fuel from traffic congestion, the report from the national transportation association concludes.“The quality of life of state residents, visitors and businesses is significantly affected by the quality of the state’s road and bridge network,” Will Wi

TAMPA, Fla. - There is yet another potential roadblock for the controversial TBX toll project.

ABC Action News found out that the Florida Department of Transportation is facing more lawsuits over a similar express lane project in South Florida.

This means another delay for the TBX project in Tampa for the foreseeable future.

The Florida Department of Transportation is swimming in lawsuits over the express lanes along I-95. While the project here is on hold until officials can get the public on board.



The SAI team demonstrates excellent communication and understanding of complex structure design/construction activities. They addressed any concerns with the construction unit/railroad promptly to not delay any field activities. The team's knowledge was a true asset on this complicated bridge project with railroad involvement.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 9-0
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