MONTOURSVILLE -- Marc Schaefer has been named PennDOT District 3-0 Employee of the Month for June 2017.

Schaefer is the bridge inspection coordinator working under the bridge safety engineer. He is responsible for the district’s four bridge inspection crews. This work includes the regular inspection of the more than 2,900 state bridges located within the district, as well as responding to emergency inspections. 

He is an excellent administrator who can adapt to frequent bridge inspection policy changes. He is skilled at running the reports needed to ensure all bridge inspection schedules are populated correctly.

When Schaefer's supervisor went on extended leave, he and other bridge inspection staff have helped absorb his duties during his absence. This work includes assisting the district bridge engineer with tracking high-priority bridge maintenance work to ensure this work is completed by due dates.

He is a consummate team player who is willing to assist teams with bridge inspections whenever needed. This allows him to better manager inspection teams by knowing their needs and how they can perform inspections more efficiently.

 A certified scuba diver, Schaefer manages the only in-house underwater bridge inspection program in PennDOT. He is dependable and can be counted on to complete his work efficiently, on time and with great enthusiasm. Schaefer, a five-year PennDOT employee, lives in Williamsport.

Jun 21, 2017 Updated Jun 21, 2017