On the evening of Wednesday, July 19, 2017, employees of SAI's Harrisburg, PA Office took part in the 36th annual Harrisburg Mile along Front Street, which benefited the Harrisburg area YMCAs. SAI Harrisburg formed a five-person team and competed in the Corporate Challenge under the name “SAI Bridge.”  This year’s race brought an unexpected storm midway through the Corporate Challenge Heats. The final heats were postponed while racers waited in a storm that brought pouring rain and gusty wind. With no end in sight from the storm, SAI Bridge, as well as several other teams, decided to run an unofficial mile to find cover from the storm.  SAI Bridge had no expectation of having timed miles; however, the timing chips did work and timed each racer. SAI Bridge finished with an overall time of 37:13.00 and placed 35th out of 75 eligible teams. Given the circumstances, SAI Bridge was pleased with the time, and looks forward to improving in next year’s race.