BEDFORD -- The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is changing the speed limit on hundreds of miles of road across the region. Some roads will soon change from 65 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour.

It's a change that has been years in the making. The 2013 passage of Act 89, or the Transportation Bill, permitted the Turnpike Commission and PennDOT to increase the speed limit where appropriate.

Users of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Trip Talk app are part of pilot program – one that is transmitting live updates about the construction to their cars and into their phones. It might not sound like much – after all, our phones receive messages all the time – but it's a first step toward what researchers see as a connected future, one where cars will talk not only to other cars but the infrastructure they are traveling on.

PITTSTON TWP. — Hang on, Interstate 81 drivers.

Help is on the way.

However, it will cost you and is at least seven years away.

State transportation officials outlined more detailed plans Thursday for a proposed $170 million Scranton Beltway designed to divert traffic off the busiest local stretch of Interstate 81 onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The beltway probably won’t be ready until 2023.

JEFFERSON CITY • A lengthy list of heavyweight lobbying groups urged members of the Missouri House Tuesday to put a question on the November ballot asking if voters support a hike in the state gasoline tax.

With less than three weeks left in the legislative session, a House panel heard testimony on a plan to ask voters to raise the tax on motor fuel by 5.9 cents per gallon.

The Senate Appropriations Committee advanced a 2017 funding bill that would spend $77.9 billion on programs under the U.S. Department of Transportation, keeping the Highway Trust Fund's highway and transit accounts at levels authorized in the new five-year FAST Act.

The Senate bill would also increase the USDOT's TIGER grant program to $525 million from $500 million this year. It would increase TIGER's rural projects setaside to 30 percent from 20 percent now, and cut the maximum share that can go to any state to 10 percent from 20 percent now, Eno Transportation Weekly reported.


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