With a deadline approaching this week to apply for millions in federal funding to fix the decaying Memorial Bridge, an influential group of congressional representatives on Tuesday sounded an alarm that the National Park Service risked blowing the crucial opportunity.

In a letter to Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis, members of the Virginia and D.C. congressional delegations said they were writing to “urge in the strongest possible terms” that the Park Service “complete a strong application” by the Thursday night deadline.

While driving to class, a student’s phone on the seat next to the driver dings with a text message. Out of habit, the driver reaches to answer the text. For a minute, or even just a few seconds, the driver’s eyes are on the phone instead of the road. This behavior — called distracted driving — is a dangerous, nationwide problem.

Wyomissing, PA The state's top transportation officer touted local infrastructure overhauls, PennDOT's cooperation efforts and measures to help the public keep tabs on roadwork during an appearance Thursday in Wyomissing.And of course - as has become customary for state officials addressing the Berks County business community - PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards talked about Route 222.She said the good news is that the planned overhaul of the highway's path between Reading and Allentown is considered a priority.

BOISE --  By the year 2040, the population in the Treasure Valley is expected to increase from 650,000 people to well over one million. But a shortfall in state transportation funding is presenting major roadblock when it comes to keeping up with the increased traffic flow.

Transportation Project of the Year

Awarded By: 
March of Dimes of Greater Pittsburgh
Awarded For: 
S.R. 0028 East Ohio Street Improvement Project (CI subconsultant to CDR Maguire)


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