Specialized Construction Management

SAI was responsible for performing complete construction management and inspection of this unique fire fighting training facility at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Physical Features: 
  • 16,500-sq. ft. burn area structure containing mock-up Boeing 737 Aircraft fitted with propane burners on and around the aircraft to simulate multitude of emergency situations.
  • 15,000-sq. ft. control building which contains administrative offices, classroom, and locker room/shower areas for firefighter instruction.
  • Parking area.
Other Features: 
  • Coordination of six contract projects including construction management, scheduling, and construction inspection.
  • Building includes storage and support facilities for fire fighting vehicle and related rescue equipment.
  • Control building is topped by computer-equipped control tower. From this point, instructors will conduct various rescue scenarios and chart student progress.
  • Fuel is supplied by 30,000-gallon propane storage facility. This same propane source is also used to control building heat and laundry dryers in addition to its use as fuel for burn area structure.