Structure Design

SAI is responsible for the preliminary engineering and final design of the East Liberty Transit Center Pedestrian Bridge.  This new pedestrian crossing is a key component of the new East Liberty Transit Center Project in Pittsburgh, PA.

Physical Features: 
  • 187' three-span continuous steel girder bridge over the Norfolk and Southern Railroad and the Port Authority of Allegheny County's Martin Luther King East Busway.
  • Northern approach to interface with an adjacent mixed-use development parking facility, while the southern approach will extend to the Shady Avenue/Ellsworth Avenue Intersection.
  • Substructure units are all founded on drilled shafts with abutment no. 1 being a solid wall pier, piers 1 and 2 have round columns with pier caps, and abutment no. 2 is a stub type.
  • Structure skew is 71 degrees, with substructures being parallel with busway pavement and railroad tracks.
  • Bridge deck is 28' wide walking/biking surface that varies from 11' to 18' wide with landscaping zones on both sides.
Other Features: 
  • Concrete pavers placed on standard bridge deck to enhance aesthetics.
  • 8' high laminated glass "fence" incorporated on both sides of the bridge with custom designed steel posts for support.
  • Custom designed covered stairwells connecting the bridge with the busway.
  • The East Liberty Transit Center is being federally funded through a Tiger Grant awarded by the Federal Transit Administration requiring that all work be performed to the highest degree of aesthetic and visual standards as stipulated in the grant application.
  • A diverse team of architects, landscape architects, engineers, community planners, developers, owner’s representatives worked in unison to develop all design concepts and final design details.
  • Final design was completed in an 8 week timeframe - This compressed design schedule led to the efficient use of design personnel and close coordination and communication with our clients was critical in reducing the amount of rework required.