Specialized Construction Management

SAI was responsible for the construction management and inspection of a sludge dewatering building, settling tank, and circular gravity thickener in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Physical Features: 
  • Construction of a two-story sludge dewatering building.
  • Installation of an overhead beam diaphragm filter press system.
  • Construction of a circular gravity thickener.
  • Construction of a rectangular filter backwash and sludge settling tank.
  • Installation of a vacuum sludge collection system.
Other Features: 
  • Repairs to the primary settling basin
  • Construction of a dechlorination building.
  • Installation of yard piping and interior process piping in all structures including a 54" bore under dual active railroad tracks.
  • Installation of HVAC, potable water, and building DWV plumbing construction for the sludge dewatering building.
  • Installation of power supply and distribution to all facilities including control, instrumentation, and lighting.
  • Installation of an emergency power generation system.