Site Design

SAI was responsible for performing the final site design and the construction management and construction inspection of this large brownfield redevelopment project within the City of Pittsburgh, PA.

Physical Features: 
  • 115 acres of land, formerly LTV Steel Corporation, developed with residential, commercial, and flex office buildings.
  • Numerous roadways throughout the site with several connecting to existing Carson Street.
  • Carson Street widening to accommodate projected traffic increase.
  • 70' long single-span precast spread box beam bridge with integral abutments spanning an existing CSX Railroad tunnel.
Other Features: 
  • Regrading of site to minimize interference with buried concrete mill foundations.
  • Inspection and analysis of CSX Railroad tunnel.
  • Subsurface investigations; locating old foundations.
  • Reuse of existing 25' - 30' deep sewer systems.
  • Designation of specific public and private utility corridors; demolition of existing foundations within these corridors.
  • Coordination with various private developers.
  • Traffic analysis and design.
  • Public and private utility design and coordination.