Highway Design

SAI was responsible for the preliminary and final roadway and structure design of four miles of new four-lane expressway over Maple Creek, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad, and a state road.

Physical Features: 
  • Four miles of new expressway.
  • Two 10' x 8' box culverts.
  • One 570' three-span continuous curved multi-girder bridge over Turnpike Mainline.
  • One 1,000' four-span dual continuous curved multi-girder bridge over Maple Creek, state road, and Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad.
Other Features: 
  • Maple Creek bridge - 200'-tall piers.
  • Curved steel girder design.
  • Mine void grouting.
  • Right-of-way plans.
  • Traffic control and pavement marking plans.
  • Lighting plan.
  • Signing plan.
  • 1999 ABCD Outstanding New Major Bridge Award.