Structural Inspection - Bridge

SAI was responsible for performing structural inspections and structural analysis of various structures throughout the above mentioned three- county area as part of the required National Bridge Inspection System (NBIS) process.

Physical Features: 
  • New Kensington Bridge, 1500'-long three-span riveted through truss.
  • Shippingport Bridge, 1600'-long steel deck truss.
  • 40th Street Bridge, 2436'-long steel deck arch.
  • Highland Park Bridge, 2421'-long steel girder.
Other Features: 
  • NBIS inspections and reports of 62 major bridges (all bridges to be inspected twice in a two-year cycle.
  • Performed and/or checked structural analysis for each bridge.
  • Performed load rating for TK527 live load for 58 structures.
  • Developed CADD inspection drawings to facilitate future inspections.
  • Utilized computerized versions of bridge inspection form D450.