Specialized Construction Management

SAI was responsible for the construction management and inspection of this pedestrian underpass that is dedicated to the Heinz Field development.

Physical Features: 
  • 125' three-span steel continuous multi W-beam with composite reinforced concrete slab over pedestrian walkway from the riverfront to Heinz Field.
  • Architectural stone cladding of abutments and piers with Arriscraft "Renaissance Masonry Units" and Adair Limestone.
  • Installation of modified Illinois 2399 I-Barrier.
Other Features: 
  • Cost estimating.
  • Materials testing and analysis.
  • Shop and field inspections.
  • Contractor submittal and shop drawing review.
  • Agency coordination.
  • Cost control monitoring.
  • Claims review and analysis.
  • Documentation and progress verification
  • CPM scheduling.
  • Quality assurance monitoring.