Traffic Engineering Services

SAI was responsible for preliminary and final construction plans for the replacement of traffic signals at eight intersections in the City of Titusville. The intent of the project was to replace the existing traffic signals including poles, signals, video detection, controller, etc. and provide wireless interconnection of the traffic signals. This work included sidewalk replacement as required to construct poles, conduit, and junction boxes and to meet current ADA requirements.

Physical Features: 
  • 8 Intersections within the City of Titusville, Pa.
Other Features: 
  • Traffic data collection (both TMC & ATR).
  • Travel time study.
  • Traffic Analysis.
  • Right-of-way plans.
  • Public involvement.
  • Signalized corridor timings.
  • Traffic signal design.
  • ADA ramp design.
  • Pavement marking and signing plan.
  • Traffic control narrative.
  • PS&E package.
  • Shop drawing review.