Highway Design

SAI was responsible for the preliminary and final design for the replacement of the existing Y-intersection at S.R. 0410 with a T-intersection that included Improving sight distance and vertical alignment on S.R. 0119. This was PennDOT's first Pilot Project in the state whereby District 10-0 was granted permission from Central Office and FHWA to have SAI perform final design minimizing input from District 10-0 and free-up in house staff, reduce design costs (21%), and speed up project delivery (5 months).

Physical Features: 
  • Approximately 4000 ft. of S.R. 0119 reconstruction (lowered profile by up to 10 ft.).
  • Approximately 400 ft. of S.R. 0410 reconstruction.
  • Rebuild Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad at-grade railroad crossing.
Other Features: 
  • Preliminary design performed by SAI utilizing normal procedures through DFV under a separate work order.
  • Construction plan, Also Plans, and Project Specifications: - PennDOT did not review. SAI had independent in-house team perform reviews; they had no other role on the project. SAI developed checklists to ensure the quality of the review.
  • E&S Submission, Geotechnical Details, Utility Coordination, Railroad Coordination, PUC application, were all handled directly by SAI working with the affected agencies/parties. Minimal PennDOT involvement was required to complete these tasks.
  • ECMS tasks were handled by SAI including entering in the items, specifications, funding codes, and cost estimate. District 10-0 performed tasks in lieu of Central Office and developed the final Contract Documents.