Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement

SAI was responsible for the preliminary design, final design, and construction consultation for the replacement of this heavily travelled bridge over the Mahoning River and the CSX Railroad in Lawrence County, PA.

Physical Features: 
  • 525' four-span continuous steel multigirder bridge over the Mahoning River and CSX Railroad.
  • Bridge deck comprises 22,890 sq. ft. of deck area.
  • Approximately 900' of roadway approach on a two-lane rural principal arterial road with an ADT of 9,742.
Other Features: 
  • Structure skew is 90 degrees.
  • Substructure units consist of reinforced concrete abutments on H-piles, Pier 1 and 2 are hammerhead piers on H-piles, and pier 3 is a hammerhead pier on spread footing.
  • Haunched girders were designed for over the railroad to accommodate clearance requirements.
  • Maintained trail facility under bridge structure during construction.
  • Provided an at-grade railroad crossing for construction access.
  • State Street bridge and the adjacent Edinburg bridge were combined into one contract in order to save money.
  • 4-span Acrow temporary bridge on temporary substructure units was utilized so that the new structure could be built on the existing alignment.
  • Rolling the bridge into final position was investigated, but no contractors would bid on the package.
  • An LMC wearing surface was selected as a cost savings over half-width construction for future deck replacement because the LMC can be removed in the future with minimal impact to traffic.  Only a weekend closure will be required for the removal and replacement of the deteriorated LMC layer.
  • Scour analysis, hydraulic design, and hydrologic studies.
  • Permit acquisition and agency coordination.
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plan.
  • Signing and pavement marking plan.
  • Utility design and coordination.
  • Traffic was maintained via a temporary run-around structure.
  • 2013 ASHE Outstanding Highway Engineering Award.