Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement

SAI was responsible for the final deck replacement, repair, and structure rehabilitation designs for dual parallel structures over S.R. 0028 in Armstrong County, PA.

Physical Features: 
  • 201'-3" and 195'-6" three-span composite steel multi-girder dual parallel structures.
  • 70° skew with tangent steel multi-girder supporting a curved deck.
  • Reuse of existing pile-supported abutments and spread footing supported piers.
  • 630' of roadway approach reconstruction of a four-lane divided rural regional arterial road.
Other Features: 
  • Split superstructure during redecking to facilitate bearing replacement while maintaining existing substructures.
  • Due to the structural span arrangement and differing beam heights, a continuous structure could not be constructed, and strip seals were utilized as replacements for all existing joints.
  • Superstructure was analyzed and rated to determine shear stud requirements for a composite deck.
  • Structure was cleaned and repainted.
  • Traffic maintained via partial-width construction.