Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement

SAI was responsible for the preliminary engineering, final design, and construction consultation for the replacement of the Plum Creek Bridge over Plum Creek in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

Physical Features: 
  • 85' simple-span prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge over Plum Creek.
  • Approximately 560' of roadway approach on a two lane rural local road.
Other Features: 
  • Project was developed utilizing the "Limited Design Review" process during final design.
  • Stocked Trout Stream Designation required that no stream work be conducted between March 1st and June 15th.
  • Utility relocation coordination.
  • Hydraulic design and hydrologic studies.
  • Permit acquisition and agency coordination.
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plan.
  • Right-of-way plans and public involvement.
  • Signing and pavement marking plan.