Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement

SAI was responsible for the preliminary and final replacement design, including roadway approach and realignment, of this heavily travelled bridge adjacent to the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Physical Features: 
  • 90' simple-span prestressed concrete adjacent box-beam bridge with concrete deck over Chartiers Creek.
  • 1300' of two-lane urban minor arterial roadway approach and realignment.
  • Reinforced concrete abutments on spread footings.
  • Bridge placed at 70% skew to simplify (span was made longer to accomplish skew).
Other Features: 
  • BRADD was utilized for the bridge design.
  • Rebuilt an adjacent at grade railroad crossing as part of this contract.
  • Design provided widened shoulders for pedestrians and eliminated the need for sidewalks.
  • Traffic was maintained via phased construction with the new structure built just off-line to improve the overall allignment.
  • Construction was shut-down during the Washington County Fair with a temporary sidewalk provided through the work zone.
  • Significant public involvement with local officials and County Fairgrounds representatives.