After working with Brian Schull for more than a year now on this job, I have no doubt in my mind that SAI was the right choice for this job - and in particular, Brian as the CM.  He has great organizational skills, he is very thorough, he supports the owner and is always looking out for our best interests, and is one of the most professional persons I have ever had the opportunity of working with.  He is definitely someone I look up to and hope to emulate in my future as a manager.  I think it is very important to give feedback, both positive and negative, when I see something exceptional, or when I have issues that I cannot seem to work out with a consultant.  My experience in working with Brian has been nothing but a positive one, and I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with this project and in any future projects that I may be lucky enough to work with Brian.  Thanks again for the support that SAI has given the Authority over the past several years!

Paul Hoback, Allegheny County Airport Authority