Engineer Week Staff Spotlight: Sean McKeever, PE

Sunday, February 16, 2020 to Saturday, February 22, 2020
Happy Engineers Week to all of our fellow engineers in the industry.

Get To Know: Sean McKeever, PE

When Sean McKeever’s father would pass an active construction site and explain what was happening, this intrigued the young McKeever, who would go on to become a civil engineer like his dad.

Of course, McKeever notes, “Legos are awesome. I always enjoyed the idea of being able to dream up something, and then build if for everyone to see and use.”

During the last 14 years of his career, McKeever has seen many projects through from concept to construction.  “Each project is unique and has its own set of challenges, but the most rewarding are often the ones that don’t appear on the surface to be that difficult.”  Recently, Sean worked on the Kenmawr Bridge between Swissvale and Rankin Boroughs.  Located in a highly populated urban setting and crossing a railroad, the project required good planning and special accommodations.  “A combination of multiple stakeholders, funding, utilities, schedule, right-of-way, permitting, railroad requirements, and local input made it a very complex project.”

All of the additional behind scenes effort made the project rewarding.  Sean’s goal is to provide a tangible improvement to the community and general public – one that provides a catalysis for  growth. “As engineers we have a responsibility to our clients to design cost effective projects that add valuable infrastructure to our region and beyond for now and into the future.”