Welcome to SAI! We are a transportation-focused civil engineering and construction management firm specializing in bridge and highway design, structural inspection, traffic engineering, design management, and construction management and inspection.  A leader in the field of transportation design and construction management, SAI has provided government and private sector clients with innovative, accurate, and reliable design and consulting engineering services for nearly 60 years.

Project Spotlight:

Margiotti Bridge – Winner of ABCD 2018 Outstanding New Major Bridge Replacement

SAI performed an alternatives analysis, preliminary engineering, and final design for the replacement structure of a 79-year-old structurally deficient bridge carrying SR 0436 over the Mahoning Creek, Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad, and the Mahoning Shadow Trail on a new alignment in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. The new bridge is an 810ʹ four-span steel haunched (weathering steel) multi-girder bridge. .  Ornamental pedestrian railing along with highway lighting enhances the bridge’s appearance. Form liners and aesthetic rock treatments were provided for the substructure, ...
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