Engineer Week Staff Spotlight: Lukas Shaulis, EIT

Sunday, February 16, 2020 to Saturday, February 22, 2020
Happy Engineers Week to all of our fellow engineers in the industry.

Get To Know: Lukas Shaulis, EIT

A 2018 graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Lukas chose engineering because he liked science and math.  As a kid, he loved playing with Legos and putting things together.  And as a young man, he wants to build infrastructure that impacts his community.

Currently, Lukas is working on the Poverty Hill project where everything he imagined about engineering while a student has become tangential.  The actual work of engineering is more inspiring and challenging than the academic applications where he worked on calculations without necessarily seeing how the calculation fit into the entire problem.

As an engineer working on the Poverty Hill Project, he finds engineering to be more open ended – here he’s working on typical sections; planning on how big, deep, and wide they’ll be; he’s performing calculations for turning radiuses.  He has discovered, like many engineers before him, that there’s more than one way to approach a problem — that there doesn’t have to be just one direction, just as a kid when he wondered what would happen if he built the Lego kit slightly different from the instructions.

He is inspired by his team, who, he notes, are always happy to assist him when he’s confronted with a problem he’s never seen before and not quite sure how to approach.  In the year since he’s been with SAI, he and his team together are working on projects that positively impact the community.