SAI Celebrates Women’s History Month….

According to JR Thorpe in a March 21, 2016, The Bustle article, we celebrate Women’s History in part because:

  • There are so many unacknowledged women who made history
  • Women weren’t allowed to create history or be part of the conversation for a long time
  • Recognition is Feminist – shining a light on everyone’s contributions makes us equal
  • History is inspirational

With this idea, SAI invited the women engineers to describe what they find “inspirational” in their lives. We didn’t necessarily want to focus on professional accomplishments, although that is important as well. Rather, we wanted to slip the professional curtain away and see the woman beneath – who she is as an individual.  After all, there is a lot of information for and about female engineers – in of itself, women represent the minority in this field.

Throughout March, SAI acknowledges some of our inspirational women with whom we work. We thank all of the SAI women their inspiration.