SAI Celebrates Women’s History Month….Lauren Doyle

One of SAI’s newest members, Lauren Doyle, BS in Geology from Penn State 2018, studied geography because she likes the outdoors and observing everything around her.  And while at Penn State, two professors inspired her – a math professor introduced her to sustainable environmental concepts as well as the importance of sustainability while an English professor introduced her to Theroux’s “Walden” – a book of nature poetry.

“Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments….Geography is more than just hard scientific facts, it attempts to take in all factors of the world around us and assess the relationship of everything to everything else.”

In Lauren’s current position as an environmental technician, she completes E&S (environment & sedimentation) tasks for projects.  “It ties in the problem solving skills from my sustainability class, the appreciation for the environment from my English class, and environmental studies from my geography degree.”

When Lauren is not exploring the environment for sustainable solutions for engineering projects, she likes to fish.  Lauren finds fishing to “be challenging but also peaceful and relaxing.”

She enjoys the challenge of fishing as well.  “Especially for bass fishing.  There are so many different types of lures and it requires a lot of practice to know how to make each one look appetizing to a bass, and hopefully a big one.”

Lauren’s dedication to our environment is evident in her love of fishing.  “I try to fish everywhere that I visit to gain more knowledge about the area and learn how to catch all different types of fish.”

Lauren’s dedication to the environment is evident in her passion.  Few of us rarely consider that infrastructure projects require consideration of the environment and geography.  While Lauren works to keep the environment intact, she reminds us of the importance to assess the relationship of everything to everything else.