Honoring Missy Wissel on Administrative Professionals Day

Since 2014, Missy Wissel has worked at SAI as an Administrative Clerk, where she enjoys “doing a lot of different tasks – (the job) is never monotonous.”

Missy says: “I like being able to help co-workers out when they need something and getting to know them too.  I have done a lot of different jobs, inventory of supplies, organizing them, upkeep on copier/printers, filing, the list goes on.”

More recently with the upcoming retirement of Dot Griffin, Missy has been assuming additional secretarial duties.  Not only is she busy with ordering supplies and making deliveries to SAI’s clients, but now she’s working with Michelle and Kevin on construction SOIs (in addition to other secretarial duties). Although her career trajectory is varied, Missy began her career as a secretary.  “I like getting to use my secretarial skills again,” Missy says about the new chapter in her SAI career.

When Missy isn’t busy making deliveries or working on an SOI, she enjoys her time with her husband of 38 years Mike (you may know him from SAI’s construction/inspection team) and her son, Mickey, daughter-in-law Nikki, and grandson Alex. She notes that she enjoys their game nights. And anyone who knows Missy knows that her weekends are always jammed packed – whether it’s going to see her friends in the band or traveling to Georgia for a Mardi Gras event or going to the Ukrainian American Citizen Club where she serves on the social committee.

Since the COVID19 pandemic stay-at-home orders, Missy seems to be taking the situation in stride as she shrugs off some of the inconveniences of working from home.  For Missy, the “computer has been the most challenging acting weird always freezing up and having to wait for it to reload.  I just patiently wait for it to come back up and at least it takes me back where I left off and I’m glad that I don’t lose what I’ve done.”

Until we can do so in person, let’s give Missy a virtual high five and wish her “Happy Administrative Professionals Day”.