Florida Design Group Wins Five Year Continuing Services Contract in FDOT District 5

Monday, June 15, 2020, Lake Mary, Florida – SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. was selected by FDOT District 5 for a Continuing Services Contract (CSC).

Thirty-four firms had submitted on this contract, with three firms selected. This five year contract is a Task Work Order (TWO). The design and construction assignments will be completed within 5 years. (with design completed within the first three and a half years.)

This CSC will include roadway design such as: resurfacing, intersection improvements, drainage improvements median modifications, safety improvements, and tasks associated with roadway design projects. It will also include traffic design: exit ramps, wrong-way driving advanced countermeasures, roundabout evaluation, pavement marking design, signalization design, lighting justification, and lighting design. The structural engineering will include: structural design for bridge widenings, bridge rail replacements, box culvert extensions, retaining walls, sheet piling, overhead sign structures, multi-post guide signs, signal poles, mast arms light poles and foundations for signs, signal poles and lighting.

Our subconsultant team working with SAI is JMT, Transystems and Kittelson & Associates.The total maximum design contract amount is $5 million.