June is National Safety Month

Safety strategies reflect not only dynamic cultural events, but they reflect an increased understanding of our world and the need to maintain a safe working environment. In honor of National Safety Month, SAI highlights our field personnel who perform construction inspection on various roadway projects. The construction inspection folks maintain the safety of the employees in a work zone as well as the traveling public; they make sure that traffic is maintained; roadways are clear of debris; environmental safety practices are enforced; workers are safe; motorists can travel the roads without harm to themselves or to their vehicle; and the project moves forward on time and within budget.

You may be familiar with Work Zone signs as you approach a road project, but in addition, there are “Covid 19 Safety Plan Enforced” signs. These signs remind the traveling public that worker safety is paramount during the ongoing pandemic.  SAI’s construction inspection personnel are committed to the safety of the workforce/workplace. #safetyfirst Michelle Hinds, PE Kevin Lettrich