SAI Celebrates National Wheelchair Beautification Month

SAI celebrates National Wheelchair Beautification Month. Participants decorate their wheelchairs as a way to celebrate their individuality as well as to draw attention to the beauty in their ability to navigate and participate in the world.  Although ADA-compliant curb ramps are required on all projects, not all projects require the design of the ramps by engineers.  SAI offers the design of ADA curb ramps. Patty Polasky, PE and Amie Clawson, PE are two engineers at SAI who offer ADA curb ramp design expertise.  “Providing accessible curb ramps at an existing sidewalk can come with a variety of engineering challenges,” Polasky notes. Storefronts/buildings, utilities, drainage inlets, and trees are just some of the challenges – couple this with steep roadway grades, and the design requires expertise. “Mitigating these features to design wheelchair-accessible routes is something SAI has done on a variety of projects.” Well-designed facilities invite and encourage wheelchair travel rather than simply accommodating what is mandated by ADA. Wheelchair Beautification reminds us to celebrate everyone’s independence.