Brian Schull & Michelle Hinds Win PSPE Statewide Engineering Awards

Monday, September 28, 2020,  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Both Michelle Hinds, PE, and Brian Schull, PE, were honored with PSPE Statewide Engineering Awards this past Friday at the PSPE 2020 Virtual Conference.  Michelle received the PSPE Young Engineer of the Year, and Brian was honored with the PSPE State Engineer of the Year.

Criteria for selection for PSPE Young Engineer of the Year requires that the nominee be 35 or younger and has a PE or EIT.  Professional achievements including technical papers, engineering experience, and accomplishments as well as participation in professional organizations are also part of the selection consideration for both awards.

Both Michelle and Brian are humbled by the award, and both credit SAI for giving them the support and tools to succeed in their careers.  SAI appreciates the hard work that both Michelle and Brian do to make SAI a success. Congratulations to both of them.