Celebrating Engineers Week – Mark Lambros, PE, TCIS – Making Pittsburgh Aesthetically Pleasing

With a background in architecture, Mark thought that when he became a Civil Engineer, he’d have to abandon the art of creating an aesthetic experience. In his 13 years in construction inspection, Mark has been a part of many projects that beautify areas and provide a space for the public to enjoy – especially in urban areas. As a Transportation Construction Inspection Supervisor, Mark coordinates the daily inspection of all activities on the project and ensures that daily reports are accurate, both in reflection of work completed and method of payment to the contractor for the work completed. Currently, Mark is working on the I-579 CAP project, a SEA project. JB Fay built an adjacent box beam structure over Crosstown Boulevard near the old Civic Arena site. CH&D and JB Fay are installing architectural concrete structures including walls, steps, and sidewalks, which will become a part of a park that will reunite the Hill District with Downtown Pittsburgh. During his career at SAI, Mark has worked on “some interesting construction projects…including cast-in-place, cantilever, a segmental bridge on the Mon-Fayette Expressway, the Sky Beneath Our Feet terrazzo installation at the Pittsburgh International Airport, and my current project, the I-579 CAP.” Press Mark to choose a favorite, and he notes his current project, the I-579 CAP. “We got to work on constructing a brand new structure and all the engineering feats that come with that. It also is in the middle of a highway and a city, which brings along unique design and construction obstacles. And now that the structure is complete, we get to work on a beautification project and be a part of making Pittsburgh a beautiful location.”