In celebration of Earth Day – SAI highlights the stream relocation on the Freedom Road Project, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11-0

On SR 2004 B08 (Crows Run Road), a portion of six streams totaling 4,400 feet in length required relocation due to the realignment and widening of the highway and the associated grading requirements. The project employed natural stream designs to increase water quality and encourage habitat. Design elements included cross vanes, toewood structures, rock/wood toe stabilization, and the reuse of native stream bed materials. The design of the stream relocations was performed by Wallace & Pancher, Inc. as a sub-consultant to SAI on the job. Additionally, a total of 3300 trees, tree cuttings, and bushes were planted in conjunction with stream relocations and stream stabilizations.

Upon completion of construction, a representative from the Army Corps of Engineers commented that the stream relocations were among the finest he had seen in his career. Both the Army Corps and PA Department of Environmental Protection were complimentary of the results. #earthday2021 #earthday #earthdayeveryday