Celebrating The First Day of Fall

SR 2013-450 Wehrum Bridge Replacement:
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 10-0​​​​​​​

SAI is celebrating the first day of fall this year by showcasing one of our bridges during this colorful season. This project was the replacement of an existing 3-span adjacent box beam bridge with a 276′ long, 3-span continuous steel multi-girder I-beam bridge over Blacklick Creek adjacent to the Ghost Town Trail in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. The bridge is supported by 2-column concrete pier bents founded on drilled shafts and utilized integral abutments to eliminate expansion dams. The existing and proposed structures are skewed 70-degrees to the creek. Shallow steel beams were required to provide the required hydraulic opening. SAI performed Preliminary Engineering, (TS&L), H&H analysis, Foundation Submission, and Final Design plans including associated approach roadway work and Traffic Control Plans (Detour). The Contractor was Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. Construction was completed in 2016. #firstdayoffall #autumn2021 #fallseason #engineering #design