Marketing Up To The Minute: SAI Wins Construction Inspection Open End Agreement with the PTC

January 7, 2022, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. was awarded a construction inspection open end contract with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Agreement T00182. The firm will provide construction inspection services for the Mon/Fayette Expressway Expansion Projects within Allegheny County from PA Route 51 in Jefferson Hills to PA Route 837 in the City of Duquesne.  Construction will consist of a four lane limited access toll facility with interchanges at PA Route 51, Camp Hollow Road (SR 2043), and PA Route 837.  Multiple construction contracts are anticipated.  The construction projects that may be inspected include: roadway, bridge, facility, cashless tolling installation, and other projects.

The agreement will be for a maximum cost of $10,000,000.00 or for a seventy-two (72) month period, with inspection services assigned on an as-needed basis.  The number of construction inspectors required will be contingent upon the workload.