SR 0062 Emergency Slide Remediation

Warren County, Pennsylvania

Project Manager: Raymond Henney, PE
Phone: 412.392.8788

Cost: $635,000
Completion Date: 2021

SAI was responsible for the emergency design of a soldier pile and lagging wall to shore a portion of SR 0062 in Warren County due to a landslide.

The physical features of this project include:

  • 96′ long cantilever soldier pile wall design with a maximum height of 9.5’
  • Project was bid under emergency procedures with select contractors and designers
  • Project selection was on August 30, 2021 and the wall was complete with roadway open on November 26, 2021
  • Construction complete with single lane traffic on remaining roadway
  • Wall design included global stability consideration and regrading of adjacent slopes

Project Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 1-0
Client: Mekis Construction Corp
Tyler Caldwell
Phone: 724.321.2063