SR 0051 Stoops Ferry Road Design-Build

Design Build Structure Replacement with Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

Moon Township
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 

Project Manager: Jason DeFlitch, PE
Phone: 412.392.8258

Cost: $3,600,000
Completion Date: 2019

SAI was responsible for the Design-Build Structure Plans, Traffic Control Plan and Signing & Pavement Marking Plan for a bridge replacement on SR 0051 (Stoops Ferry Road) that traverses over Flaugherty Run.

The physical features of this project include:

  • Removal of an existing single span reinforced concrete frame bridge with a sidewalk on one side.
  • Replacement was a new single span pre-stressed concrete spread box beam bridge with a sidewalk on one side.
  • Structure utilized prestressed concrete box beam modules delivered to the site with the deck attached. An Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) joint was then constructed between modules.
  • The concrete spread box beam bridge was 57’-8” (out/out) and maintained three (3) 11-0’ travel lanes, two 8’-0” shoulders, and a 5’-8” sidewalk on one side.

The substructures were integral abutments utilizing precast pile caps connected via UHPC joints for phased construction.
Other features of this project include:

  • The Design-Build traffic Control Plan consisted of six (6) phases of construction.
  • A car and truck detour plan was also part of the Design-Build plan.
  • The detours were implemented over a weekend to launch the bridge in place.
  • Utility relocation was a critical path to the success of accelerating the project.

Looking over New Structure Toward Adjacent Intersection

New structure with UHPC Joints

Project Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11-0
Client: JB Fay Company
Contact: Ryan Surrena (FAY, S&B USA Construction)
Phone: 724.265.4600