Kelly Road – Demolition

Mercer County, Pennsylvania 

Project Manager: Jason DeFlitch, PE
Phone: 412.392.8258

Cost: $4,000,000
Completion Date: Anticipated 2023

SAI was responsible for the demolition of the 187’ Parker thru truss bridge. Due to the historic nature of the structure the project included construction of a new King Truss using existing bridge members, in an adjacent park.

The physical features of this project include:

  • 187′ single span pin connected Parker thru truss bridge
  • The bridge included grid decking wide enough for a single lane of traffic
  • Previously the bridge was closed and anew structure built directly adjacent.
  • The substructure consisted of ashlar stone abutments

Other features of this project include:

  • Specialized demolition to carefully remove portions of the existing historically eligible truss structure for reconstruction in an adjacent park.
  • Demolition utilized a single shoring tower with multiple crane holds
  • Due to change in behavior of the structure a few existing bridge members required strengthening
  • The two end panel members were preserved and sent to shop of repair, coating and reuse in the new king truss in an adjacent park.
  • Utilized crane on causeway accessed via a temporary bridge structure

Project Owner: Mercer County with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 1-0 oversight
Client: Mekis Construction
Contact: Tyler Caldwell
Phone: 724.321.2063

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