WB-207 and WB-208 Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge Erection

Beaver County, Pennsylvania 

Project Manager: Edward Terhune, PE
Phone: 412.392.8790

Completion Date: 2015

SAI was responsible for the erection plan for two railroad structures over the PA Turnpike.

The physical features of this project include:

  • Two, two-span structures consisting of simple spans
  • Span lengths varied between 76’-8” and 156”-6”
  • Girders were built-up members consisting of web and flange plates with bolted connection angles requiring girder analysis for stability during erection
  • Staging area for cranes and girder segments was limited due to the terrain and existing structures
  • The two-girder system was connected via floorbeams at 2’-10” spacing
  • Erection included 1.35 railroad factor for all pick weights
  • Erection was completed utilizing PTC traffic control single lane closures and limited duration Plan X nighttime weekend road closures
  • Critical erection period was during Plan X to erect and stabilize large heavy girders
  • Critical erection was completed utilizing both a travelling crawler and stationary mobile cranes and included temporary supports until bolted girder splices were completed.
  • Wind analysis was performed for selecting specific floorbeam installations during Plan X for initial girder stability.

Project Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Client: Alvarez, Inc
Contact: Albert Bustamante
Phone: 724-916-4151