Marketing Up To The Minute: SAI Wins Six Various Agreements

July 18, 2022, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

 SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. won the following agreements last week:

  • Bureau of Maintenance & Operations: Statewide NBIS including PennDOT/AASHTO Element Bridge Safety Inspection (E05461). Statewide NBIS Bridge Safety Inspections for designated bridges and structures on the state system (may include other state agency and local bridges); this will also include non-NBIS length bridges and structures safety inspections, throughout the Commonwealth with projects assigned on an as-needed basis. (Estimated Cost $2M)
  • District 8-0:  Cumberland/Perry County Resurfacings – (2022) (E04742). Preliminary Engineering, Final Design and Construction Consultation for improvements to SR 0174-017 (Walnut Bottom Resurface) in Shippensburg, Southampton, and South Newton Townships, Cumberland County; SR 0233-022 (Scheaffers Valley Road) in Madison and Tyrone Township and Landisburg Borough and SR 0274-029 (Big Spring Road Resurface) in Toboyne Township, Perry County. Shows.
  • District 8-0:  Districtwide NBIS Inspection of large, unique and/or complex bridges – 2022 (E05278). Perform NBIS Inspections on a variety of large, unique and/or complex bridges anywhere the confines of Engineering District 8-0.
  • District 10-0: US 119 over Stoney Run and Two Lick Creek Group (E05358) Preliminary Engineering, Final Design and Construction Consultation services for the rehabilitation of the existing structures carrying US 119 over Stoney Run and US 119 over Two Lick Creek in Center Township, Indiana County. BMS #32-0119-0250-0000 and 32-0119-0220-1802. (Estimated Cost $1M)
  • District 11-0:  SR 1004 Section A02 Kittanning Pike Culvert Replacement (E05424). The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm for a multiple phase, multiple part, project specific- open end agreement to perform an alternatives analysis, preliminary engineering, final design, construction consultation and other design services to replace the Kittanning Pike Culvert (BMS No. 02-1004-0030-2337 / BRKEY No. 1379). A detailed H&H analysis utilizing 2D modeling will be required for this project. This project is located in O’Hara Township, Allegheny County. The construction scope of work includes replacement of the existing 1200′ culvert which carries Kittanning Pike and Kirkwood Drive over an unnamed tributary to Seitz Run. (Estimated Cost $5M)
  • District 11-0: Construction Inspection for SR 79-A69 (E05391). The Department will retain an engineering firm to provide a supplementary construction inspection staff of approximately eight (8) inspectors, under the Department’s Inspector(s)-in-Charge for construction inspection and documentation services on the following projects: ECMS 91565, SR 79 A69:
    For the milling, overlay, bridge preservation, guide rail, end treatments, lighting, signs, pavement markings and other miscellaneous construction, all as indicated on the drawings approved for STATE ROUTE 0079, SECTION A69, in ALLEGHENY COUNTY, KENNEDY TOWNSHIP and ROBINSON TOWNSHIP from approximately 0.5 miles north of the SR 60 (Moon Run) interchange at segment 0604/0605 offset 0781/0802 to the southern end of the I-79 Neville Island Bridge at segment 0644/0645 offset 2214/2339.

SAI is subconsultant to Gibson-Thomas Engineering Company, Inc.:

  • Engineering District 4-0 Engineering and Environmental Services for Bridge Group 97 Susquehanna County (E05114). Work to include the rehab or replacement of structures. Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Services, Final Design, Right of Way Acquisition and Construction Services including but not limited to the following tasks: survey, line & grade, utilities, environmental clearance, pavement design, TS&L, design field view, right of way plans, traffic control plans, cultural resource studies, roadway plans, foundation reports, structure plans, constructability reviews, PS&E. (Estimated Construction at $11M)