SR 0006 Emergency Bridge Repair

SR 0006 Emergency Bridge Repair

Erie County, Pennsylvania
Project Manager: Jason DeFlitch, PE
Phone: 412.392.8258
Cost: $860,000
Completion Date: November 2022

SAI was responsible for the emergency design of a new abutment section and new concrete slab superstructure to repair a failed abutment.

 The physical features of this project include:

  • 30 inch thick concrete slab superstructure to replace damaged concrete T-beam sections on a 45 degree skew
  • 70ft long permanent sheet pile (NZ19 and NZ38) wing wall
  • Conventional concrete cantilever abutment section to replace failed abutment
  • Falsework to support concrete slab pour
  • Sheet pile and grouted riprap scour countermeasures
  • Associated roadway restoration and reconstruction to perform structure work

Project Owner:
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 1-0
Contact: Mekis Construction Corp
Phone: 724.321.2063