SR 0422/SR 2005 Margaret Road Intersection Improvement Project

Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

SAI was responsible for the Alternative Studies, Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, and Services During Construction for the SR 0422 and SR 2005 intersection project in Armstrong County, PA.  SR 0422 will be relocated approximately 500′ to the north of the existing intersection, resulting in the reconstruction of 3,900′ of SR 0422.  Includes construction of a new two-span bridge over SR 2005 (Margaret Road) and Cherry Run along with construction of a new culvert to carry an unnamed tributary to Cherry Run.  Access to the existing SR 0422/SR 2005 intersection will be via a new connector road (SR 2068) from relocated SR 0422 and existing SR 0422.

Physical Features:

  • 7,900′ of project-wide roadway construction.
  • Roadway geometrics eliminated the steep grades (existing grades of 9%) while providing grades of 6%.
  • 326′ two-span steel multi-girder bridge with integral abutments and a spread footing pier carrying SR 0422 over SR 2005 and Cherry Run Road.
  • Deck consists of two 12′ lanes with 14′-3″ shoulders.  The structure was designed to maintain 2-lanes of traffic for future re-decking.
  • 17′ x 7′ precast concrete box culvert with precast end sections.

Other Features:

  • Geotechnical challenges included: Slope Stability at Abutment 1 and the surrounding 60′ fill area, Mine Voids were identified at Abutments 1 and 2 requiring mine void grouting, and approximately 32,000 CY of Acid Producing Rock (APR) anticipated to be encountered in the excavation areas. The APR was treated and encapsulated on-site.
  • Environmental impacts required over 3,100′ of stream mitigation and 1.3 acres of wetland mitigation to be incorporated into the project.
  • Two-lanes of traffic was maintained on SR 0422 via phased construction with temporary roadways. Detours utilized for secondary roads and during bridge erection.
  • Overhead utility impacts required approximately 30 utility pole relocations or resets.
  • Approximately 900′ of overhead to underground relocation along SR 2005 by West Penn Power and Comcast at bridge crossing.

Project Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 10-0
Completion Date: 2025 (anticipated)
Cost: $26,050,000