Fort Pitt Boulevard Eastbound-Interstate 376 Connector

SAI was responsible for the preliminary and final highway as well as structure design of the reconstruction/rehabilitation of Ft. Pitt Boulevard Eastbound including seven bridges, one retaining wall and one tunnel, along with associated improvements to the adjacent approach and intersecting roadways.

Physical Features:
  • Seven bridges (including the 1900′ 35-span main viaduct).
  • 2400′ concrete retaining wall supporting Ft. Pitt Boulevard Westbound.
Other Features:
  • Use of Vierendeel trusses for the sign structures (This scenario was proposed by the Department of City Planning, in conjunction with their efforts to upgrade the Mon Wharf corridor).
  • Painting of sign structures, light poles, bridge girders, and steel handrails with the City’s standard Central Business District (CBD) Gray color.
  • Use of open-type bridge parapets in response to a request from the community.
  • Reconstruction of 500′ of the flood protection system on Ramp D.
  • Upgrades to the existing 150′ tunnel beneath Ramp C.
  • “T” piers that support the 35-span viaduct designed to incorporate existing bridge columns and foundations without reinforcing the existing foundations.