SR 1012-BCG, Cowpath/Godshall/West Broad Street Intersection Improvements

SAI performed preliminary engineering and final roadway design to eliminate two closely paired “T” intersections and provide a single, new, signalized intersection for the SR 1012BCG Cowpath, Godshall, and West Broad Street intersections. Work included heavy public involvement, replacement of two structures, new turning lanes, construction of a sidewalk, and the addition of ADA ramps.

Physical features:

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of approximately 2560′ of two-lane urban collector with an ADT of 11,438.
  • 24′ single-span cast-in-place reinforced concrete box culvert over Skippack Creek.
  • 12′ single-cell cast-in-place box culvert over unnamed tributary to Skippack Creek.

Other features:

  • “Right-Sizing” the preliminary design, which was started by another consultant, using Smart Transportation criteria to improve the geometry, lane/shoulder widths, and structure designs to better fit the site, satisfy hydraulic requirements, and reduce the project footprint. The revision resulted in a cost savings of over $1.5M from original estimates.
    Multiple curved alignments on all four legs of intersection.
  • Installation of a four-phase, fully-actuated signal including radar detection, emergency vehicle pre-emption, pedestrian signals, and ADA accommodations.
    Acquisition of right-of-way from 16 properties and presentation of the project at a public meeting with more than 150 local citizens and media in attendance.
  • Coordination with the Township to ensure new signal equipment was compatible with existing systems.
  • Construction of a riparian buffer, rain garden, infiltration channels, and sidewalk curb drains to meet stormwater management requirements.
  • Acquisition of an NPDES Permit for construction activities.
  • Coordination with multiple utility owners to relocate water, sewer, and overhead electric, telecom, and fiber-optic lines and poles.
  • Offline work completed with maintaining traffic on existing roads; detour utilized to complete construction and final tie-ins.

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 6-0
Completion: 2014
Construction Cost: $4,100,000