SR 0028-164, Baum Curve Realignment and Slabtown Bridge Replacement

SAI was responsible for the preliminary engineering, final design, and construction consultation of approximately 1 mile of realignment of SR 0028 and the replacement of a structurally deficient bridge over North Fork Pine Creek in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. The realignment of SR 0028 will eliminated a section of substandard horizontal and vertical geometry and improved the intersection sight distances with adjacent intersections.

Physical features:

  • 210′ two-span continuous steel multigirder bridge over the north fork of Pine Creek.
  • Deck consists of two 12′ lanes with varying shoulder widths (8′ to 10′) for a deck area of 9,546′.4,400′ of roadway approach realignment on a two-lane regional rural arterial with an ADT of 6,550.

Other features:

  • Realignment of SR 0028 provided a way to maintain two lanes of traffic and provided a vertical alignment that met design criteria and eliminated two substandard horizontal curves.
  • New structure was built approximately 200′ offline of the existing structure in order to improve substandard horizontal and vertical roadway geometry.
  • Tangent structure with a 70 degree skew built on a curved roadway alignment. Substructure components consist of pile-supported integral abutments with a reinforced concrete wall pier on a spread footing.
  • Traffic maintained via phased construction.
  • Pavement design incorporates a “Rock Cap” to minimize undercut of the existing ground and reduced the proposed pavement structure.
  • Stream relocation incorporated due to horizontal geometry improvements.
  • Wetland mitigation incorporating riparian buffers.
  • Stormwater management facility adjacent to wetland mitigation site.
  • Phase III archeology performed due to historic and prehistoric findings during preliminary studies.
  • Signing and pavement marking plan.
  • Utility design and coordination.
  • 2015 Outstanding Highway Engineering Award, ASHE Mid-Allegheny Section.

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 10-0
Completion: 2014
Construction Cost: $6,400,000