Traffic Signal Retiming Initiative

As a subconsultant to Edwards and Kelcey under a State-wide Open-end contract, SAI was responsible for assisting in the traffic signal inspection and development of optimized timing plans to improve traffic flow and safety at 31signalized intersections. The plans were based on current traffic data and crash history collected in traffic corridors located in Districts 1, 11, and 12.

Physical features:

  • 31 signalized intersections.
  • Three traffic corridors in PennDOT Districts 1, 11, and 12.

Other features:

  • Tasks involved in our portion of the traffic signal retiming initiative included pre-optimization data collection and field work, traffic signal inspections, optimized timing plan development, traffic signal permit plan revisions, signal timing refinements, post-optimization data collection and reporting, meetings, and project management.
  • Weekday and weekend manual turning movement counts and automatic traffic recorder counts, travel time runs, and optimization analyses were performed in all three corridors.
  • All corridors selected were in areas where surrounding development had stabilized or had been fully developed. All corridors identified were those that each District understood would benefit from traffic signal system timing optimization.

Client/Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bureau of Design
Completion: 2004
Construction Cost: N/A