SR 0285-A05, Birmingham Bridge Preservation

SAI performed the preliminary engineering, final design, and services during construction for the structural steel repairs, bearing system replacements, substructure repairs, and painting of the Birmingham Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as part of an overall bridge preservation effort.

Physical features:

  • 1662′ 19-span steel tied-arch (with welded-beam approach spans) bridge over the Monongahela River, Second Avenue, Forbes Avenue, SR 0376, Blvd. of the Allies, Southside Riverfront Park, and the CSX Railroad.
  • Total project length is 3,400′ including approach ramps on an urban principal arterial roadway with 6 divided 12′ lanes, 10′ shoulders, T intersections and an ADT of 21,360.

Other features:

  • Replacement of rocker bearings on 33 girder spans (220 total bearings).
  • Replacement of arch span rocker bearings with spherical bearings. This is one of the largest bearing replacements in PA, with a bearing design load over 5000 kips. An innovative detail meant to reduce bending in the existing anchor bolts.
  • “Cheese Plate” detail to replace existing hidden bolts in tie-girder Electro-slag bottom flange splice.
  • Substructure repairs on reinforced concrete cantilever abutments and 20 reinforced concrete multi-column bent piers.
  • Replacement of highway lighting.
  • Signing and pavement marking.
  • Permitting and agency coordination.
  • Public involvement.
  • Constructability and shop drawing review.
  • Traffic maintained via bidirectional flow at all times on main structure. Detoured Ramps E&F to and from Forbes Avenue. Intermittent Parkway east closures.

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11-0
Completion: 2017
Construction Cost: $29,900.000