SR 0376-B04, Vanport Bridge Preservation

SAI was responsible for the preliminary engineering, final design, and services during construction for the preservation of the Vanport Bridge that carries SR 0376 over the Ohio River in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Physical features:

  • 1,761′ seven-span steel multi-girder and continuous steel thru-truss bridge that carries SR 0376 over the Ohio River, NS Railroad, and a private road.
  • Deck consists of four 12′ lanes with two 7′ 6” shoulders that comprise approximately 111,000 sq. ft. of deck area.
  • Substructure units consist of stub abutments supported by steel piles, two-column bents and stems supported by steel piles and spread footings.

Other features:

  • Structural analysis of the bridge superstructure was completed for the existing deteriorated conditions using LFD and ASD methodology.
  • Performed sounding on all substructures to determine areas requiring repairs.
  • Cement concrete repair of spalled and delaminated concrete areas, including epoxy injection of cracks.
  • Steel repairs included the retrofit of 21 stringer ends, replacement of 33 stringer anchor bolts and rocker bearings, replace 33 stringer bearing plates, retrofit of cracked welds in truss chords, retrofit of 128 welds in truss bottom chords, replacement of 82 top chord lateral bracing gusset plates, replacement of 159 high-strength bolts, the repair of inspection walkway and replacement of inspection ladders.
  • New lighting, including poles and navigation lighting (LED).
  • Design provided for an epoxy based surface treatment instead of LMC to extend the life of the bridge deck and allow quick installation.
  • Complete painting of the entire superstructure was performed due to the deterioration of the existing lead-based paint system.
  • Traffic Maintained via phased construction with one lane in each direction at all times on a four-lane urban interstate highway with an ADT of 16,732.

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11-0
Completion: 2017
Construction Cost: $15,900,000