SR 1036-002, Riddlesburg Bridge Rehabilitation

SAI was responsible for the preliminary and final design for superstructure replacement of the Riddlesburg Bridge over the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River, in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Included in the project was the design of a temporary bridge crossing the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River and the rehabilitation of existing stone abutments and pier.

Physical features:

  • 187′ two-span continuous composite steel multi-girder bridgeover the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River.
  • 252′ of roadway approach reconstruction on a two-lane suburban neighborhood collector with an ADT of 1,647.
  • Bridge deck includes two 10′ lanes with a 4′ left shoulder and an 8′ right shoulder that comprises approximately 6,545 sq. ft. of deck area.

Other features:

  • Structure skew is at 90 degrees.
  • Substructure units consist of the reuse of the existing two stone masonry abutments and a stone masonry pier built approximately in 1935. To provide additional stability, a concrete facing was placed against the front of the abutment stems and passive tie-back anchors installed through the new facing and existing abutments.
  • Money saving techniques included reuse of existing abutments with tie backs rather than replacing abutments, use of a temporary bridge structure to avoid a 30 mile detour, and increased the right shoulder for pedestrian traffic instead of building a dedicated sidewalk.
  • Scour analysis, hydraulic design, and hydrologic studies.
  • Structural analysis and load rating.
  • Community involvement, permit acquisition, and agency coordination.
  • Signing and pavement marking plan.
  • Utility design and coordination.
  • Traffic maintained via phased Construction/Temporary Structure – 2-span Acrow temporary bridge on temporary substructure units was utilized so that the new structure could be built on the existing alignment.

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 9-0
Completion: 2012
Construction Cost: $3,600,000